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Self-Employed Mortgages in Brantford

Mortgage Financial’s Dan Brown from Brantford understands that due to tax write-offs, the documented income of business owners or self-employed individuals tends to be much lower than it actually is. This can create difficulties when these businessmen try to secure a loan. While it may seem difficult to you as a business owner, worry not, contact us now. We can help you get the following loans approved without any issues:

  • Mortgage loan

  • Home renovation loan

  • Financing for personal needs

  • Debt consolidation

Documentation You Will Require

One among the following should affirm at-least two (2) years of business-for-self tenure:

  • Business license

  • GST/HST return summary

  • T1 generals with statement of business activities attached for a minimum 2 years prepared by an arm’s length third-party

  • Audited financial statements for the last 2 years, prepared and signed by a CA

  • A recent Notice of Assessment or a signed affidavit by the borrower(s) to confirm no income tax arrears


We can assist you and make the entire process simpler.

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