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Debt Consolidation in Brantford

If you are looking for debt consolidation services in Brantford, trust Mortgage Financial's Dan Brown to help you out. To qualify to consolidate your debt, you need to first show proof of your income from a job. The bank will scrutinize information relating to your total debt, available credit, payment history and credit score before it can approve the debt consolidation loan.

While a loan may be approved, it is important to gauge the signs of financial trouble in the future. For this, it is important to effectively manage your debt. Some key signs that you may face financial strain in the future include:

  • Being able to only meet the minimum payment requirement

  • Paying the bills of one credit card with another

  • Financing debt with your credit card

  • Being out of cash on payday

  • Asking family or friends for a personal loan

  • Disconnection of essential home services like telephone or electricity


Avoid the stress and call us now for the help you need.


We can assist you and make the entire process simpler.

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