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Home Equity Credit in Brantford

Mortgage Financial's Dan Brown can provide a high rate of loan-to-value for your home equity credit in Brantford. While a bank may be able to get you a loan-to-value of around 65%, we can provide you as much as 80%. This type of loan is only based on the built-up equity value of your home. So if your home equity value is between 75% and 80% of your home’s market value, then you will meet the minimum criteria for most of the lenders in the country.

Applying for a home equity line of credit (HELOC) is not a very difficult process. It is quite similar to applying for a regular mortgage. You will need to:

  • Provide income and tax statements

  • Conduct a credit check

  • Get a professional home appraisal to find out your property’s value

HELOC is a flexible loan that can help you in consolidating other high-interest debts. You can also access and withdraw your funds whenever you need them. So call us and discuss your options to apply for a HELOC mortgage.


We can provide you a loan-to-value of up to 80%.

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